Protest again Friday, June 5

We will return to Castro and El Camino Real this Friday, June 5, at 6:00 pm for another protest. It will be non-confrontational and non-destructive, but it will probably be loud.

Both to expand our visibility and maintain our social distance, we ask that people spread out down the sidewalks on all four corners. Wear masks and bring signs.

We urge people who feel unsafe in crowds – a reasonable concern during the pandemic – to do a “rolling rally.” Place signs safely on your cars, and honk as you drive past the sidewalk-based protesters. Several people did this on Sunday.

I estimated that 250 people took part in Sunday’s protest, and we’re hoping to double that Friday. Please spread the word!

This is not just about the murder of George Floyd. His killing symbolizes not only the continuing police and racist attacks of people of color, but it also reminds us of the institutional racism that has made people of color disproportionate victims of COVID-19. 

Finally, it is important to stand (and kneel) in solidarity with demonstrators across the country. No doubt there are some protesters taking advantage of demonstrations to attack innocent people and damage or take the property of innocent civilians, but from the news it appears that the perpetrators of most of the violence are law enforcement agencies. The militarization of the government response to protests only antagonizes impacted communities.

In Mountain View, we are fortunate to be able to send a clear message that Black Lives Matter without fearing confrontation with the police. Join us!